Virtual Studio of Artists

Gwen Wolfrose & Parker Torrence

Gwen and Parker joined their talents to form this joint effort on May 1st, 1999 progressing through a number of iterations to become what is now FrogLace Studios.

We started out with basic HTML websets, and websites with custom graphics. As time went by we expanded into HTML/CSS with a touch of PHP. Since we are artists first, graphics have always played a key role in the directions we have advanced over the years.

At the peak of our web design adventure, FrogLace Studios had carved out a small niche, creating HTML/CSS templates for a number of web design companies around the world. Then the economy shifted, so we refocused our talents into creating texture sets for the Poser & Daz Studio 3D market, and for a few years that went well. At our peak we had well over 40 texture sets on the market, not counting the many free texture sets that had been created and released.

Now we are looking towards the future and refocusing our energy back to what we love, creating ART. We have more graphics and websets in the works, as well as a few non-web related projects. Stay tuned!