Welcome to our Freeware Section

Here you will find websets, background tiles, and various other web graphics. While most graphics found in this section were created as freeware, over the years we have created many graphics for various projects that are no longer in use. Some find new life in this section being offered for use to the general public as linkware.

Linkware Graphics:

Graphics found in this section of FrogLace Studios are linkware. This means that they are free to use on personal websites with a link back to our site required as payment to use the graphics. You also must download the graphics and upload them to your own server. We are not giving away our bandwidth.

Creating a link back to FrogLace Studios is easy:

Websets already have a link back provided that may not be removed and must be copied to any additional pages you create that will use our graphics. Please note the word personal above. If you wish to use any of our graphics for a commercial venture, please visit FrogLace Studios.